Ramark Park Models Construction - click on images to enlarge

Chassis / Frame System

12” Steel I Beam Frame reinforced with steel tubes and full width extensions. Welded by a CWB Certified Welder to engineered drawings specifically designed for Ramark Park Models and approved by CSA.
Flooring System
This park model RV floor system is a 2” x 6” Transverse Floor Joists @ 16” O/C with a double 2” x 6” rim board insulated to R22 with Roxul mineral bats. An additional R14 insulation is in the bulkhead below enclosing heating and waterlines. 3/8” painted plywood surrounds the subfloor system for protection from rodents and the elements.
Wall System

This RV wall system has 2" x 4" walls @ 24" O/C insulated to R14 with Roxul mineral bats and a 6 mil vapor barrier. This makes Ramark Park Models RV's more fire retardant and sound proof. 3/8" plywood sheathing are both glued and screwed to the outside.

Window System
Ramark Park Models window system consists of all windows manufactured in Alberta for Alberta weather. Dual Pane Low E glass filled with argon. These window are energy star rated for Zone A,B,C and CSA sealed nailing fins on the exterior. Included is a fiberglass front door and 5’ patio door. The exterior is protected by a house wrap and water proofing membrane from the elements.
Roof System
CSA Standards requires engineered roof trusses @ 24” O/C with a vault on the living side are standard. Vented soffit allows for the attic area to move stale air and avoid trapping moisture. The roof is finished off with ½” plywood roof sheathing as well as 30 minute building paper and 30 year fiberglass asphalt shingles. The exterior is completed with aluminum soffit, fascia and continuous eavestrough with downspouts.
Heating / Plumbing Systems

A Coleman 56,000 BTU A/C Ready Furnace c/w insulated ducting designed specifically for Ramark Park Models through a heat/loss program is standard. All registers are placed at the outside walls of the unit. A 20 Gallon 1500 Watt Electric Water Heater is standard. All water lines are Pex with all joints kept above subfloor height. The stove and furnace are propane fired and are fed through a combination of black pipe and gas TITE flexible piping. A Low Flow Toilet and a 1 piece shower stall with seat are standard. 2 hose bibs with shut offs in the mechanical room are part of the manifold system. Ramark Park Models ensures that there are shut off valves for all taps, toilet and main water lines.